Gull Lake 2011

Having an amazing experience on vacation in Minnesota with wife’s family. Geocaching, kayaking, biking, eating, swimming, frisbee, all that excellent summer stuff. Did I mention eating? Lots of great eating. Just grilled some flank steak in a soy/ginger/wasabi marinade. Lots of love in these parts. Rented a jet ski the other day on Gull Lake and had an incredible time – it’s the loudest, most obnoxious, most FUN thing you can possibly do on a lake. Super intense geocaching experience yesterday on a bicycle, riding the trails through MN swamps. Climbing trees, wading through knee-deep swamps and reeds up to the top of my head. Getting cut up, stung up, sweating up a storm, just loving life.

Totally relaxing when not jammed up with one great experience after the next. The nieces and nephews are growing up so fast. We just saw one of the eldest off on her missionary trip to Haiti where she’ll be staying two weeks, delivering food and medicine. So proud of her.

Some pics from the last few days: (or see Flickr set here).

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