Political Speech

Had so much fun playing Mad Libs as a child , diving headlong into surrealism and humor while learning the parts of speech. Thrilled to see Miles getting into Mad Libs now – we’re having a gas learning to tell our adverbs from our plural nouns. Loved the Nixon and other old-school political references in this one he completed today:

Ladies and gentlemen, on this sleepy occasion, it is a privilege to address such a gassy looking group of birds. I can tell from your smiling cars that you will support my sassy program in the coming election. I promise that, if elected, there will be a mirror in every toothpaste and two leaves in every garage. I want to warn you against my stinky opponent Mr. Miles. The man is a cool shoe. He has a boastful character and is working vent in glove with the criminal element. If elected, I promise to eliminate vice. I will keep the sea turtles off the city streets. I will keep crooks from dipping their pencils in the public till. I promise you rainy government, clean taxes, and runny schools.

3 Replies to “Political Speech”

  1. If Miles runs on a platform solely to “keep the sea turtles” “off the public streets” and out of harm’s way during egg-hatching season —- I will totally vote for him!

    Check out this monster that my parents watched lay her eggs last year —- and the eggs hatched on Christmas Eve!!


    (And one with beach chairs for scale)



  2. The recent Tsunami put sea turtles in palm trees in Hawaii~so Miles’ Surrealist Party platform is quite practical as well!

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