Photo365 Project

A few years ago, we started hearing about intrepid souls committed to taking one photograph per day for an entire year. Shortly after, a web site designed to accommodate people doing the project popped up ( Yesterday being New Year’s, there was a lot of talk on Twitter from people wanting to dive in. Rapped about it with some friends, and four of us decided to go for it in 2011.

Since almost everyone these days is on Flickr, Instagram, Facebook etc., and since almost everyone has a phone in their pocket capable of taking relatively high-quality images, it’s never been easier. In fact, many people already take at least one photo per day without even trying. There are even 65 people on who have committed to doing the project (here’s mine).

I’ll be posting to Instagram as usual, and using the Flickr app for iPhone to push some of those photos up to a dedicated Flickr set. There’s also a very large Flickr group consisting of people doing the project (see instructions on that page).

Here’s an embedded slideshow of my set, which will grow longer as the year goes on:

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