Donut Seeds

After recently coming across a small package of Cheerios labeled “Donut Seeds,” decided to see whether Miles would go for it. He was skeptical, but yep – he planted a few in the back yard! I forgot about it until a few days later when he asked “Daddy were you joking about the donut seeds?” I was dodgy, and told him to keep watering them. Then, today, called him to the back yard, where I had stuck a bamboo shoot in the ground and slid a donut down over a branch.

When he came out, his eyes went wide. Took a full minute for him to reconcile what his senses told him with what he knew was possible and what was not. He figured it out of course, and enjoyed the heck out of his donut. Should have tried this when he was five instead of seven.

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  1. Organic! Where is Coffee Creek? “Can’t do a little cause he can’t do enough.”

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