Pogo for Grownups

The world has changed since you last rode a pogo stick. Namely, you’ve gotten bigger – too big to ride the spring-loaded stick that carried you down the block between ages six and twelve. But good news: A few companies are making pogos re-engineered for grown-ups, so you can recapture that marvelous elastic bounce. Even cooler – they’re not spring-loaded anymore – modern pogos are brought to you pneumatically, with cylinders of air that can be pressurized to work with your body weight and desired boing-ratio.

Lucked out at a picnic in the woods today when one of the guys pulled a Vurtego from the bed of his pickup and went for it. After watching for a while, I asked for a turn. Here are the results of my first three attempts. It had been 35 years since I’d been on one, but like riding a bicycle, the muscle memory never really leaves your body.

Grownup Pogo from Scot Hacker on Vimeo.

The rennaissance of grown-up pogo sticks has given rise to the tiny cottage sport of extreme pogo, championed by Pogo Fred.

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