Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote or offer advice about my first pair of glasses. To be honest, the process was a bit of a rush job, because I wanted to have them in time for SXSW. Not that I like to rush decisions like this, but my distance vision was blurring out fast, and I knew I’d be spending a lot of time in big halls looking at far-away projection screens. In the end, I’m glad I did. I had no idea just how blurry my vision had gotten until I was able to A/B them in a real-world setting. I think I honestly thought that projection screens were inherently blurry – classic “boiling frog” situation.

As for the for the frame choice, it was tough – it really was. There were a lot of options I would have been happy with. But in the end, I defer most aesthetic decisions regarding my person to my wife, who knows these things. Her choice matched the choice of an artist friend of hers whose taste I also trust, and to be honest,  this was the one pair that just felt right from the first moment I put them on.

It’s not all peaches and cream though – it’s been a mixed experience. Distance is fantastic. But these are bifocals, and that part isn’t cutting it. The close-range reading thing doesn’t focus until the very, very bottom of the lens, and then I have to tip my head way back to make it work. I’d rather just hold the page farther away than deal with that. And at the computer, where I spend most of my working hours, things are in way better focus with them off than on. So I’ll have to make a return visit to see about working stuff out.

I have a new-found respect and sympathy to everyone who’s dealt with glasses all their lives. I never really stopped to think what a pain in the neck this whole glasses thing is, or just how lucky I was. Ah well, I’m here now. Age stinks.

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  1. Are they the line-less bifocals?
    I think most people who do a lot of close computer work all day prefer to have a pair of single-vision close-range glasses for that. It is a pain to have to take them on and off when you switch tasks and want to talk to a human, but if you are a mostly a brain-to-keyboard worker, it’s easier.

    And did you go to the UCB Optometry folks for your exam? Love them.

  2. I don’t know if it’s the frames or the haircut or both but it makes you look younger.

    It’s a good look for you.

  3. I just switched from single vision to “progressive” lenses (the “lineless” bifocal). I generally dislike them, and will probably go back to single vision, plus a set of reading glasses. (I already have a set of single vision glasses for the computer.)

    I dislike the progressives because, without the line, the focal position varies all the time, and the sweet spot is very small. I am constantly doing a weird head bob / wave / nod, trying to find the sweet spot.

    On the other hand, my wife loves her progressives. I think this is because it is her near vision that is bad, distance doesn’t need much, so she doesn’t need to constantly reposition to find the sweet spot for regular activity.

  4. pamitha – Yep, progressive bifocals. Would rather have single purpose glasses if this is how it’s going to be. And just don’t think I need close-up glasses much at all. That part was probably a mistake.

    Nope, didn’t know about UCB optometry – just went to a doctor-referred opthamologist, then Site for Sore Eyes.

    Michael – Your experience mirrors mine exactly. Yep.

    Tyler, Marco (you old BeOS folks gotta stop meeting like this) – Thanks!

  5. Wow. You look 10 times smarter. Sort of hip professor-like. I’ve worn glasses since 5th grade. It’s good to see the stars.

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