Four Eyes

I’m in alien territory here. Over the past few months my vision has become increasingly blurry, both when reading and when reading signs at a distance. I’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed a life of perfect vision so far, but those days are gone. I’m officially old. Had my first encounter with an optometrist yesterday, went through the whole dilation and eyeball pressure gizmo thing, and walked away with a prescription.

Now I’m about to join the “other” half of society and think about frames.  No idea which way to go. Took some shots in a glasses store today. I think some of these are downright goofy, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Any of these look halfway decent, or should I keep shopping? Refer to row/column if you have opinions.

And yes, I’ve always wanted a monocle, but doesn’t seem like that’s going to be practical this time around.

Click through for pix.

Update: Decision made, new glasses now integrating into daily life. Thanks everyone for input and advice!

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  1. The currently-stylish heavy black frames don’t seem to suit you. Thankfully, you don’t have enough hipster/ironic cynic for them to work. I’d stay with a lighter frame.

    Col 1, Row 3

  2. I have no style advice regarding which glasses you should select, but I will suggest you buy them online. Here is a blog devoted to explaining why and how you should buy glasses online. It helped me alot.

    My last pair of glasses were $35. The previous pair I got from the eye doctor’s office was $300.

  3. Welcome to the club! It’s a fun but agonizing decision. For the natural look, I like row 1, column 3. For the hipster look, which I personally think also suits you, I like row 4, column 2. If it’s any comfort, I’ve been nearsighted since the fifth grade but think I am soon bifocal-bound.

  4. @grahams Excellent advice and thanks for the link. Can’t believe how high the markup is on glasses. Will definitely go that way.

    Thanks all for the input. Keep it coming.

  5. I had to do the same thing recently and went with frame-less. I like rows 2 & 3 on you. The most minimal addition/distraction to your face. You already have good features. The black frames are too stark in comparison with your hair and beard. My .02 cents.

  6. Row 5/column 3 for when you are feeling quirky. Row 4/column 3 for all other times.

  7. I think the ones that have frame just on the top match the shape of your eyes best, and that the heavy black frames overwhelm your coloring.

  8. Okay, hubby. I like either column 1, row 2 – the very lightweight look, or column 2, row 7 for something a bit more substantial. I agree with all who think the dark frames overpower your face. I’ll add too, that you look really happy in column 1, row 2, like you *like* the way you look. Your face kind of says, “This is bullshit,” in some of the other shots.

  9. Your face kind of says, “This is bullshit,” in some of the other shots.

    Actually, my face says that a lot. But I think the two Amys have come close to nailing it. I was going to say that my facial expressions were totally coincidental/accidental, but I do remember having that immediate “Ah!” feeling when I first put on r1c2. Like Wittgenstein says “The only correct dream interpretation is the one that makes the dreamer say “Aha!” Maybe there’s something to that.

  10. Go for rimless, without a doubt. I’ve been wearing rimless for a few years now, my last pair (that just died) lasted me almost 5 years. Until just over a year ago I was head of security at a hotel here where I live and over the ~6 years I did it, I’ve been punched in the face, had fights, rolled over, stepped on, etc and the glasses survived completely unharmed (eventually the small ball joints wore out). Without a doubt rimless, though more expensive, are cheaper in the long run due to their amazing ability to survive some pretty rough treatment. I’m lucky though because one of my really good friends is a lens maker here where I live.. so I kinda get em for almost-free.

  11. Edan – Wow. That is the exact opposite of the advice I just got from another glasses wearer, who warned me not go rimless, said they were super fragile, that I’d regret it, etc. Oy, who to believe? Somehow, your punched face sounds like pretty solid testimony. Egads I hate this decision.

  12. dude – those creamy MOT (aka mother of toilet seat, 57) ones are da bomb. i also disagree with everyone who says no go on the bold dark ones. i think 48, 49, 52, 61 are all pretty hawt.

  13. I have ben wearing glasses since about age 5, so if four decades of experience matters …

    1). Thick rims mostly suck. You will bear wearing these most of the day, so consider weight. If you try them on and can see the rims in your field of vision, you will see that 8 hours or more per day. Choose wisely.

    2). Lasik is risky, as the correction is permanent. Wait until your prescription does not change for at least a decade before considering it. FWIW, every single time my eyes have been examined the prescription has changed. In addition, after the age of 25 I became astigmatic in addition to myopic and amblyopic. If I had had Lasik, it would have been Game Over.

    3). You talk about having trouble with both myopia and hyperopia (nearsightedness and farsightedness). This may well mean you will need bifocals. Bifocals work better as lens size increases. Small, rimless lenses may look cool, but be functionally horrid. If you need bifocals, choose the largest size lens as is comfortable and attractive.

    4). If you’re concerned with durability, get 2 sets of frames. If you have a backup, your primary frames will last forever. Karma is like that.

    5). Going swimming? Surfing? Playing sports? Make sure your second pair of frames are sport frames with an elastic band (like these). In Finland last summer I was invited to drive the jet-ski around the Baltic. A good time I could not share in as I only had my primary, metal frames.


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