Reasons To Be Cheerful

Recently at Stuck Between Stations:

Roger: Reasons To Be Cheerful

… on how a new biography and forthcoming film may signal an Ian Dury renaissance.

As the missing link between Benny Hill and Bertrand Russell, Dury had ingenious ways to find the sublime in the ridiculous. His backing band, the Blockheads, stayed tight and funky in an era better known for its sloppy chaos.

Scot: Auto-Tune This!

… finally learning what the mysterious term “auto-tune” means, just as the meme heads for the dustbin.

Scot: So Messed Up, I Want You Here

Would Iggy Pop approve of this modeling school for girls rendition of “I Wanna Be Your Dog?”

Roger: Blues for Dracula: An Impromptu Halloween Playlist

If you’re George Clinton, every day has been Halloween for the last 68 years.

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