Seven Television Commercials

Recently at Stuck Between Stations:


Scot sat down with his better half to watch Radiohead: Seven Television Commercials, a brief collection of Radiohead music videos.

Such impressionistic stuff, we decided to skip any attempt at actual review/synopsis and instead just riff words off the visuals and post whatever came out, do a sort of Kerouac typewriter roll on it. What follows are seven songs, seven paragraphs.

Roger, Discovering Japan

I recently stumbled upon Neojaponisme’s summary of the hundred greatest Japanese rock albums, as compiled by Kawasaki Daisuke two years ago. While I’m generally no fan of numerical rankings for music, I’m struck by his explanation of why such lists have often been uncommon in Japan: he claims that almost entire music industry there “is infected with the idea that they should not rank releases because it would ‘make the record companies angry’.”

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