“Dad Rock” Isn’t a Bad Thing

Recently at Stuck Between Stations, Roger Moore has been on a tear.

Wilco: For Dads About to Rock, We Salute You

Wilco will always be too traditional for those who want them to be weird, and too weird for those who want them to be traditional.

Shatner Meets Sarah: Tundra on the Edge of Forever

For a long time after I first saw spoken-word artist Sarah Palin recite for a national audience, part of me doubted her existence. … But Palin is indeed real, and the past month has shown that I clearly misunderestimated her artistic skill. A governor is a lot like a performance artist, but with actual responsibilities.

Jacques Dutronc: 500 Billion Little Martians Can’t Be Wrong

I only remembered it was Bastille Day an hour before it was over this Tuesday, but I knew just what I wanted to hear. Jacques Dutronc is a revered figure in his country’s rock history that remains a total obscurity to many stateside. That’s a shame, because if there’s one person who can demonstrate that “French rock” isn’t an oxymoron, it’s Jacques Dutronc.

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