Mt. Diablo Solo

Another great solo day trekking Bay Area backroads – this time to Mt. Diablo. Not having a full day to play with, drove in half way and parked at a placed called Junction, then hit the Summit trail and hiked all the way up. 82 degrees heading in, but temps dropped as I neared the peak. Wind started whipping, and black streaks of rain separated from the clouds. Only ended up getting dumped on for five minutes, thankfully. Exhausted by end of day.

Surpassed the 300 geocache finds marked, and then some. Also nabbed three “earthcaches,” which have no container or log but instead are about discovering and learning about some unique geological feature. Highlight of day – doing the multi-cache at the summit. After I had done the math and got to the final location, took the cap off a fencepost and was greeted not by the cache but by a colony of swarming earwigs, right out of a horror movie. Awshum.

Some devilishly clever containers today – like the normal-looking pinecone shown, and the fake plumbing – you had to remove the pipe assembly, then turn the valve and a Bison tube tumbled out. Loved it.

Slideshow above does not include captions – view set at Flickr for those.

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  1. Wow….that looks like a great hike. What is the building exactly? It almost looks like a light house from the photos, but obviously…..

    Those do look like tricky and creative cache stashes.

  2. The building is an observation tower at the summit with a geo marker in the exact center, a place to get out of the wind. Looks like a lighthouse, but not quite.

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