How Michael Jackson Liberated Eastern Europe

For Stuck Between Stations, Roger Moore on how Michael Jackson liberated Eastern Europe from communism: The Aviator, Part I:

As with Elvis, I dismissed most of what he did long before he left. But MJ was an arresting presence even for those who, like me, did my best to ignore him. Elvis even seems an inadequate comparison for his stratospheric global reach. A closer comparison might be Howard Hughes, another man-child of erratic brilliance, whose master aviator’s soaring heights later gave way to reclusive paranoia and heartbreaking tailspin.

Then, in The Aviator, Part II: Sky Saxon Moore pays tribute to Sky Saxon of The Seeds, whose death was completely overshadowed by Jackson’s.

The Seeds discovered trippy keyboards before the Doors, and were unleashing raw power before the Stooges. They were their best at their simplest, exemplifying Woody Guthrie’s dictum that if you use more than two chords, you’re showing off.

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