Government Whiskey

With four million people crowded into D.C.  for today’s inauguration, open house at the White House is out of the question — but it wasn’t always. SF Chronicle summarizes highlights from inaugurations past, including Andrew Jackson’s 1829 public melee’ :

1829: Andrew Jackson, “the People’s President,” holds an open house. About 20,000 people trample mud and horse manure into the White House, destroy rugs, break satin-covered chairs, smash crystal and china, and spill liquor. Fights break out, women faint and Jackson has to escape through a window. Order is restored when barrels of whiskey are placed on the South Lawn, drawing the crowd outside.

I bet barrels of free gubmint whiskey would still be effective as a crowd control technique. And more fun than rubber bullets.

Music: Carla Bruni :: Quelqu’un M’a Dit

2 Replies to “Government Whiskey”

  1. Uncle Sugar’s whisky, when free, is usually used as a chemical weapon on Indian reservations…but do you know what started the melee at the White House?
    A huge wheel of cheese in the lobby. Perhaps we, as Americans, should be using the “cheese and whisky approach”, as opposed to the old English “carrot and stick”.

    Did the Chief Justice flub the Obama swearing-in on purpose?

  2. I’m not much of a drinker. But if the gov’t wants to use, oh I dunno…Salma Hayek to lure me somewhere, then I’m all for it ;)

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