Moon Gate

Despite yesterday’s post on difficulty of getting the sapling out of the house for family hikes, had the opposite experience today. Last day of long weekend, yet another unexpectedly gorgeous mid-winter day, the three of us headed for Redwood Regional for a strenuous but truly awesome three-miler. Started at Moon Gate staging area, then descended deep into a valley of giant redwoods, down with the dinosaur ferns and cool streams. Ironic – sunny day, but spent the afternoon in deep shade, beyond where rays could penetrate. The squirt was great and scampered down trails and across logs fallen over creeks just like old times. Hardly a complaint. Fantastic day.

Finally got around to figuring out how to edit GPS tracks with Garmin Bobcat (stupidly renamed Garmin RoadTrip), and upload to TrailGuru:

(press Replay for trail animation). Elevation map screenshot from RoadTrip:

Elevation plot:

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