Canyon County Zehphyr

Birdhouse Hosting is pleased to welcome the Canyon County Zephyr, out of Moab, Utah – All the News That Causes Fits.

“… the Canyon Country Zephyr, based in Moab, Utah. Editor and publisher Jim Stiles has loaded this irreverent newspaper with enough good reporting to put metro papers to shame… the Zephyr tells it like it is. In Moab, the erstwhile outdoor recreational capitol of the interior West, the siren like allure of booming tourism has become, for many, a monster out of control.”

A redesign of the site is in the works.

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  1. I just wanted to put in a quick plug for Moab. I often go up there on the weekends and absolutely love it. The scenery is amazing and the small town, outdoorsy feel is incredible. Moab is honestly one of my favortie vacation towns.

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