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  1. The script is a far cry from originality, but the idea did get me in stitches. A bit disturbing, however.

    MARGE: Oh, Homer! I don’t get how you can spend the whole day sitting there watching TV with a beer.
    HOMER: You’re right, Marge. Get me another one, this one’s hot already.
    MARGE: Argh, Homer! I mean, you’ve been here for six hours, and I think it’s too much.
    HOMER: But Marge, according to surveys, the average citizen spends three hours a day watching TV.
    (Person hits co-star with a pie)
    MARGE: Also, I don’t understand how you can watch such a demeaning programme!
    HOMER: Well, you’re right about that, Marge. It’s insulting! I’ll call to make a complaint right away, ‘cos you can’t throw away a pie like that while people like me starve.
    MARGE: Just leave it, I’ll get you a beer. But I insist, you spend too much time watching telly, Homer!

    Greetings from Argentina.

  2. Catu, this is bril! Thanks so much for the translation. You’re right, the dialog isn’t stellar, but it’s nice to know what’s actually being said. Thanks!

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