Sixth Annual Matthew Sperry Memorial Festival

2008Sperryfesttn is a site I maintain in honor of a musician friend who was tragically laid down by a car while on his bike five (wow) years ago this June. Every year, Matthew’s musician friends gather forces and put on several days of amazing benefit shows in the Bay Area. Details on the Sixth Annual Matthew Sperry Memorial Festival have been posted, and this year is shaping up to be great.

The festival tradition of commissioning new works for large ensemble continues with a page from Matthew’s composition notebook: Treasure Mouth, which requires a band to follow along to lyrics as fast as they can be written out for them by others — call it improv karaoke.

Music: Fela Anikulapo :: Mr. Follow Follow

2 Replies to “Sixth Annual Matthew Sperry Memorial Festival”

  1. it’s actually five years ago this june. (first annual was at year zero, not the first anniversary). still – wow.


  2. Shoot, you’re right. I always make that mistake. It IS the 6th concert series, but the fifth anniversary of his death.

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