Obama’s “Big Pink” Problem

Opg2.Jpeg Recently at Stuck Between Stations, Roger Moore on Barack Obama’s attempt to shake his image as a closet Pink Floyd fanatic and the “Us and Them” mentality that has dogged Roger Waters. Meanwhile, Floyd’s inflatable pig floats out of control into a neighboring golf course.

Hillary Clinton noted that “there is no clear evidence that Barack Obama is an America-hating Pink Floyd fanatic. As far as I know.” “But let me tell you,” she continued, “during my administration, we’ll have no time for laser light shows, ponderous guitar solos, vague anti-capitalist lyrics, and 23-minute songs about albatrosses. From day one, we’ll be rolling up our sleeves for the working people of America, pausing only for some Carly Simon, James Taylor and maybe a few aromatherapy candles.”

Also: Roger on Thao Nguyen’s “Bag of Hammers”

Music: Curtis Mayfield :: Stare And Stare

2 Replies to “Obama’s “Big Pink” Problem”

  1. Is there something wrong with Pink Floyd’s song “Us & Them”? It talks of people who are insane no matter where they are but if Obama is a Pink Floyd fanatic, fine. If he’s an America-hating Pink Floyd fanatic, so? If you go for him, fine and if not, fine. So what seems to be the problem? The question is: “which one is pink?”

    Just look at that great gig in the sky over there….
    Are you afraid of dying?

    I love Pink Floyd & I get relaxed listening to their TDSOTM album and Animals after a hard day’s work from my home staging business . I love Pink Floyd & I love America!

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