BeOS Journal Lives

I’ve fallen out of like with the web’s usual April Fool’s day shenanigans (on account of being an old humorless curmudgeon), but this one hits joyously close to home.

Toward the end of the BeOS era, I was working with the publishers of the Linux Journal to create a sister publication, the BeOS Journal (this is true – not making this up). I was the senior editor, and had commissioned and packaged all of the content. We had the first issue in the bag and had already gone to layout when Be made the formal announcement that it was folding their cards. Of course, the BeOS Journal went down along with it, and issue #1 never saw the light of day.

But today is a great day. Seven years later, the publishers of Linux Journal have finally come to their senses, and have decided to drop Linux coverage in favor of full-time BeOS content. The introductory video speaks for itself.

The day we’ve anticipated for so long has finally arrived. I’m thrilled to see the technology world finally sitting up and taking notice of the greatest OS ever developed. Though I unfortunately can no longer promise to be a substantial contributor to the project, I’ll be reading BeOS Journal regularly and cheering from the sidelines. Hup hup!

Also excellent today: ThinkGeek is running a special on the Super Pii Pii Brothers video game for Wii controllers (see video). Now that’s compelling game content!

Thanks Bret Chou.

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  1. Hey Scott! We’ve missed you. Be Journal would have been great… so sad. It was fun reliving it all yesterday. Someone else on our team came up with the idea to “make the switch” for the day and when I told them I had a logo already I’m sure they thought I was crazy. :-D

    All my best,
    Carlie over at

  2. Carlie! Great to hear from you. And cool to see that you’re still carrying the torch over at Linux Journal. Anyway, thanks for the good fun yesterday.

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