Oscars Preview

A bit post-facto, but when am I not late to the party? For n+1 mag, old friend A.S. Hamrah offers his typically surly, dryly hilarious Oscar preview. Excerpt:

I can’t say anything about Juno because I didn’t see it. I didn’t see it because I hated Little Miss Sunshine so much. After I saw Little Miss Sunshine I really wished I hadn’t. I refuse to make that mistake again. If that’s what a feel good movie is, I can’t stand to feel that good. It’s physically painful for me to feel that good.

Music: Herbie Hancock :: Sweet Bird

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  1. i loved juno. it was refreshing to see a teenager depicted as a wise, self aware person. the dialogue was witty and the acting was great. i don’t think it really had anything in common with little miss sunshine, but i also thought that movie was good. i wouldn’t exactly call either of them “feel good” movies. just my opinion!

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