Walrus Miles wanted to know what a walrus mustache was. So I pulled out the razor and showed him. Chin feels cold – hasn’t felt cool air on it for years. Not sure if I’ll keep it, but change is good.

Music: Isaac Hayes :: Medley: Ike’s Rap IV / A Brand New Me

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  1. not really a walrus though. a walrus is more just a moustache that’s very long and overhangs your upper lip, doesn’t necessarilly involve the peri-oral extensions you now sport (reverse mohawk goatee?). Think wilfred brimley.
    here’s a good one:

    keep at it though, and a walrus it will be. i think you should keep working on it. i think i mentioned i was half-inspired to go after a wicked handlebar moustache after the haircut i rcvd at our local barber shop (the owner/barber — Lee i think? — has an amazing silver white one that must measure 6″ from tip-to-tip).

    added bonus: you can justifiably walk around campus spouting “i am the walrus”. notthat you can’t now….

  2. Ah, crud. Leave it to me to get the name of my own mustache wrong. I was thinking walrus as in tusks (which I’ve got). OK, so what am I sporting here? A “Lemmy?”

    Don’t think I could do a real walrus. Can’t stand having hair tickle trickle down toward my mouth – itchy and scratchy. But I’ll definitely try and bush this one out, see where it goes.

  3. Dude, couldn’t you have just found a photo of Morgan Spurlock on the web, or perhaps Jamie Hyneman from “Mythbusters” on TV? Doesn’t look bad, though. What does Amy think?

  4. Yeah, I was thinking that Jamie Hyneman would have been a better example, too ;)

    Gotta keep mine trimmed shorter tho’ – a Hyneman ‘stash would drive me nuts…

  5. Oh lord, those are some beautiful examples. I think I’ve seen the site once before, but it had been ages. We’re definitely looking at that site together tonight :)

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