Artist or Ape?

Circle Think you can tell a fine artist from a fake? Or an artist from an ape, for that matter? Actual Faulkner from a machine translation from German text? Reverent quizzes let you try your hand. Kinda funny, kinda pointed. (n.b. I only got 100% on Pollock or Birds, though Amy did get close on Fine Art or Fake). The bell curve shows the bulk of the population batting around 70-80%.

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One Reply to “Artist or Ape?”

  1. I only tried the fine vs fake and art vs ape, but got 100% on both.

    On the first one, I cheated. you can tell from the image quality which ones were created on a computer.

    And on the ape one, it’s just a matter of structure. the ape created images are just more chaotic than I would expect from a human.

    I would not, by any stretch on the imagination, consider myself an art expert.
    So I don’t think that these quizzes are all that informative.

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