Got Your Neti Pot?

Netipot I’ve never used one, but Amazon recommends I give it a shot. Were it not for the “Six Feet Under” marathon Amy and I undertook around this time last year, digesting the entire series in a couple of months, I’d have absolutely no idea what this ad was referring to. What I’m trying to figure out is why this ad came up while purchasing Robyn Hitchcock back-catalog from the Amazon MP3 store. There’s got to be a connection there somewhere… “Heavenly nightshade. It’s where you came from.”

Music: Robyn Hitchcock :: We’re Gonna Live In The Trees

3 Replies to “Got Your Neti Pot?”

  1. the neti pot is awesome for sinus infections or general stuffed-up-ness. it takes a little practice though.

    i did the six feet marathon in late summer/early fall. dan watched some of it, but was generally disgusted with the soap operatic nature of it. i, however, was completely addicted.

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