Songza: Dang near any song you can think of, at your fingertips. Amazing, in many ways (not so in others – almost everything is low-fi, and you can’t download anything). But amazing that it exists. Get obscure as you want – it’s probably there. Where is all this audio coming from? Watching the status bar, seems like a lot of is being hoovered out of YouTube videos, but there must be many other sources as well. What a time we live in.

Music: Kid Koala :: Roboshuffle

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  1. Not that far afield from this one – a site designed to let you make playlists to insert into social networking pages and web pages that seems to harvest many music blogs as well and short clips from artist sites. The seem to do teh same thing, more or less, but this one is more transparent in letting you see the sources – which can also lead you to some interesting music blogs.

    It also allows users to add URLs to playlists media hosted anywhere. Seems to be a quasi-legal thang to me, but who knows?

    It’s clear that blogging music has taken music sharing to a whole different context, and so has social networking. P2P is so yesterday, man. Anon media hosting and public distribution on social networks is in and probably will be the next target for crackdowns.

  2. I’d agree this kind of stuff is definitely quasi-legal, as it all amounts to re-publishing content you don’t have rights to, with no good Fair Use leg to lean on. But it’s so hard to imagine a feasible way to stop it.

    Interesting that YouTube apparently hasn’t done anything to stop Songza – they could put the breaks on that pretty easily, I’d think (though doing so would probably work at cross-purposes to their liberal video embedding philosophy).

  3. thanks for the songza link. i have to say my friend steve and i are abusing it. i use it to fill gaps in my musical knowledge. he uses it to send me links to songs like the portal song. heh.

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