A Very Sad Day

After just having spent the last couple of hours watching the Republican half of the ABC debates, I can sort of relate to this poor four-year-old:

(not really). Actually, it was a pretty interesting experience watching the GOPs duke it out. You go through stretches thinking “See, they’re not all idiots! Some of these guys are pretty bril.” Then someone’s real agenda eeps out through the smokescreen and you’re forced to recant.

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2 Replies to “A Very Sad Day”

  1. Here’s what I’d like to see from the GOP: Huckabee comes on strong early in Jesusland (places like S. Carolina), but tanks later. The GOP ends up nominating someone not overtly “Christian” like McCain. Party splits and goes down in flames as the evangelical, right-wing nutjobs leave in a snit (or even, in the future, get behind a third-party, “Christian” theocracy candidate like Santorum, Brownback, or Robertson).

    The evangelical right-wing has been fsck-ing our country since the 1980’s. I want them powerless and marginalized.

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