Gutting a Display

Sdisplay-Repair5 Amy uses a 17″ Studio Display attached to a Mac Mini. Recently she found the top half of her screen going dim (pretty much unusable for photography work), and the power light flashing in a two-short, one-long pattern. Goog took me to a page on the Studio Display Backlight Problem. Looks we had a dying power inverter, right from the textbook. Ordered a replacement from MoniServ, which arrived a few days later.

After dinner tonight, Miles and I dove into the repair (he got to work the allan wrenches and screwdriver, and to unplug/re-plug the connectors). “This could go one of two ways: Either it’ll work perfectly and Mommy will consider us both heroes, or will fail miserably and we’ll get an earful about how nothing in this world has lasting value anymore.” Took our time with it, and the whole process turned out to be very easy – done in half an hour.

Monitor’s like new again. We’re heroes!

Music: Brian Eno :: Sky Saw

2 Replies to “Gutting a Display”

  1. Scot,

    The hyperlink on that pic has a typo. The domain name appears to be ‘macguild’ not ‘mac-guild’ (no hyphen). I got a DNS lookup error on it at first…

    Cool article, tho’. And good for Miles RE: helping out – another young geek Padawan ;)

  2. Bizarre that there should be an extra hyphen in there since I always copy/paste URLs around. Huh. Well, fixed. Thanks for that.

    This morning the Padawan figured out how to use his old baby monitor as a one-way walkie talkie, and woke me up by planting the receiver next to my head and whispering from another room.

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