Outer Space

Miles-Barnacle 30 minutes before bedtime, Miles (pictured cross-eyed, balancing large barnacle on head) announces to me that, no, we aren’t going to start listening to Cinnamon Bear as planned. He’d just remembered that he’d made plans with four of his kindergarten pals to travel to outer space on Monday, and that he needed to get ready. Thus began a flurry of preparations, including:

– One scuba diving flipper (made from an empty Kleenex box) [check]

– One piece of maritime artwork featuring a glued-on wooden sign reading “The Brain,” accompanied by a hastily scrawled diagram of a human brain [check]

– One pair of binoculars made from two toilet paper tubes lashed together with blue masking tape [check]

– One small flashlight [check]

– One space helmet, made by widening the opening of the aforementioned flipper [check]

– One compass (real) [check]

Should be quite an adventure.

Update: This morning Miles added a pointy stick “for poking out alien’s eyes.” We suggested that it might be smarter to bring aliens back for scientific study, and he agreed. Ditched the pointy stick. Once he arrived at school with his bags of gear, his teacher got curious and wanted to know what time he was departing. “I’ll probably blast off at snack time and get back to earth at lunchtime.”

Music: Marcus Carl Franklin :: When the Ship Comes In

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  1. I bet Miles and my Milo(6) would get along great. Prepping for the trip to space – with pals – sounds very Milo.

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