Brain Drain

Interesting piece at Newsosaur describing the glacial pace of change toward digital media in the newsrooms of mainstream media organizations. The “institution” knows in which general direction it needs to travel, but is either intimidated by new media or doesn’t know how to accomplish it. So MSM hires younger, more web-savvy journalists who could help pull publications in new directions, but who promptly become frustrated by the organization’s resistance to change.

… the young net natives, for the most part, rank too low in the organizations that employ them to be invited to the pivotal discussions determining the stratgeic initiatives that could help their employers sustain their franchises.

Some of the comments on the story, many posted by younger employees within MSM who choose to remain anonymous, are crushing.

There’s a story circulating about how the AME of online didn’t know you could type a URL directly into a web browser… and there was that discussion on whether to include a blurb above a story describing, “what the blue underlined words were for”.

Enough to make a grown geek cry.

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