4 Replies to “Dick Cheney in 1994”

  1. That was 1994. And then for 7 years, Hussein played a deadly game of “dare you” with the U.N. sanctions. And then you either believe or do not that 9/11 changed things. And still Hussein played games.

    I always thought that was the issue: How long do you tolerate a dictator who has killed thousands of his own people, invaded another country, and then refused to abide by the rules imposed by defeat?

    I think 9/11 just made (some of) us trigger happy. Doesn’t mean the trigger didn’t need to be pulled.

    It’s a mess.

    Why hasn’t congress pulled the funds? They could. Not “supporting the troops” is a b.s. objection. You either fund the war or you don’t. The troops are a tool of war. You cut funding; you bring the tool back home.

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