Globe of Frogs: Stuck on Bastille Day

Over at Stuck Between Stations, we’ve posted a Francophile follow-on to last week’s Stuck on the Fourth of July to celebrate Bastille Day, this one titled Globe of Frogs: Stuck on Bastille Day.

For the past 231 years or so, a favorite American pastime has been to pretend to hate the French, while secretly admiring French cuisine, art, architecture, philosophy, and yes, even its music. And the French have helped us become ourselves.

Roger, Malcolm, Christian and me on the French and French-Connected music that stirs our souls, rattles our cages, rocks our worlds, and powers our trips. Serge Gainsbourg, Malajube, Magma, Jonathan Richman, Gong, and lots more.

Music: Charles Trenet :: Que reste-t-il de nos amours?

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