Stuck on the Fourth of July

A couple days late, but hey – tardiness is a hallmark of countless great musicians, so I guess we can ride that wagon too. The crew of Stuck Between Stations has teamed up to compile a comprehensive, all-over-the-map, annotated 4th of July audio/video playlist: Stuck on the Fourth of July. From James Brown and Gerald Ford to Wilco and Public Enemy to Robert Wyatt and Sleater Kinney to Wendy Rene and Funkadelic, to XTC and the Minutemen. It’s what America means to us.

Many thanks to Roger for the nutty amount of legwork required to pull this one together.

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  1. Cool.. the Long Ryders… I forgot about them after all these years.. I used to have their album ‘State of the Union’.. ah,memories..

    Hey, Scott… The Alarm are playing in SF this Sunday… If you have the time go.. it is well worth it. Mike Peters really has it.. nothing is like seeing him play.. I thought that I had seen some good shows, but nothing, and I mean nothing compares to the energy this guy has. Check out the Alarm site for info. Its a shame I live in PA now… or I would be there.

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