Why I Love My Wife #377

Amy: “Would you mind if I got ruby grapefruit dish soap next time, instead of crisp cucumber?”

Me: “No, why would I mind?”

Amy: “Because it might not go with our kitchen walls.”

You think I’m making this up.

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  1. You know those “Thank you” stickers that supermarkets stick onto large items that you buy so they know that you paid for them? One day, Jane comes home with a fistful of them.

    “Look, Tyler. We can use these to get free watermelons from the store!”

  2. um…you never know…it might not match.

    good thing someone in the house is looking out for that.

  3. And why I love my wife #678. Just this morning:

    K: I think I’m going to paint our bedroom today.
    J: What color?
    K: Gold.
    J: So you just decided that without even discussing? Scot’s wife asked if it was ok to change the color of the bar of soap in the kitchen! (A post that cracked me up and I read to her earlier.)
    K: Well… Scot’s wife collects fingernails.
    J: What are you talking about?

    Not knowing what she was talking about, I did a search. A brief reference in post about beard clippings. Kathy has an amazing memory.

    And now I just realized that (once more) she managed to throw me off with a dodge. What the heck does Amy’s fingernails have to do with the color of my bedroom????

  4. Jeb – To be clear, it was a bottle of dish soap, not a bar of soap, that was in question. I should also make clear that there IS NO expectation that Amy should ask me about such a thing in advance. My post was more along the lines of amazement that she would feel it necessary to ask, when she knows full well that while I would likely notice the color of the new soap, it would never in a million years occur to me that it clashed with the color of the walls.

    It both delights and frightens us to know that such details have become talking points in the lives and relationships of virtual strangers, and that you can refer to us on a first name basis.

    You’re right about Kathy’s memory – wow.

  5. “What the heck do Amy’s fingernails have to do with the color of my bedroom???”

    Let me help you out here, Jeb. When Kathy said, “Well… Scot’s wife collects fingernails.” What she *really* meant was, ” Well.. Scot’s wife is kind of a freak in general. Just because she has an OCD-like sensitivity to color combinations, doesn’t mean that we should all move through the world that way. You can’t compare me to her. If you’re going to reach for a comparison, you must choose someone who is more normal to start with.”

    You see, this wasn’t a dodge at all. She was simply making a reasonable argument.

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