Pale Virgins and Scallywags

Stuck Between Stations is starting to hit stride, though I haven’t written much for the site in the past couple of weeks – the technical and editorial workload is greater than expected. Some fun stuff planned though. Recently:

A Rehab Playlist for Amy Winehouse – Since soul diva Winehouse seems to think rehab would be too boring, Roger Moore offers a 12-step path to redemption. In song.

Water Walk With Me – Malcolm Humes on an amazing video find – John Cage performing on a 1960 TV game show.

Needle Drop: Pale Virgins and Scallywags – Benoit Baald and I try a blindfolded listening experiment similar to what Downbeat and other mags have done, except that we did it with iChat, and are able to provide the actual audio for readers. Process needs refining here, but could be a lot of fun.

Astral Days – Christian Crumlish at New Orleans JazzFest.

Bob the Builder – Roger on Bob Mould, who can now add the title “advice columnist” to the top of his punk rock resume.

Just Like Hypnotizing Chickens – Malcolm unearths the story behind the famous/cryptic Iggy Pop line.

Mild Horses – Roger on The Stones and a pack of less-than-fortunate Serbian horses.

Music: Orchestre Murphy :: Sex and Cigarettes

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