Peanut Butter: Atheist’s Nightmare

The fact that life has never spontaneously emerged from a jar of supermarket peanut butter is apparently all the proof we need that evolutionists are off their rocker.

What, Chuck Missler never heard of preservatives (added specifically to prevent life from spontaneously erupting from food?) Or that billions of years of planetary soup-making isn’t quite comparable to a cup of goo sitting on a supermarket shelf for two years?

And then there’s the other atheist’s nightmare: The banana, so clearly designed to fit in the human hand and mouth that it’s clear evidence of God’s handiwork. Never mind that bananas weren’t quite so well-engineered to fit human hands and mouths before we evolved them to do so.

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  2. I had the same thought, Steve. But if you search for Chuck Missler’s name, you’ll see that it’s definitely him in the video, and that this kind of thing is his speciality.

  3. I’m assuming Chuck Missler also has taken the time to test every jar of peanut butter everywhere for new life; and that he understands that “new life” probably wouldn’t start off looking like an ant or being visible to the naked eye.

  4. I love it!

    This takes a complex issue and distills it down to peanut butter, which everyone agrees can be used to make a tasty sandwich.

  5. My wife is obsessed and brainwashed with Chuck as are 1000’s of other deluded christians. His crackpot science proves he’s a fraud and charlatan. He’s making a fortune off these saps w/ his books, CD’S, DVD’S etc. I know because the wife has all of ’em. I laughed so frikin’ hard watching the video. The banana video is not to be overlooked either. I e-mailed chuck, expressed my view that he is a fraud among other topics. He has yet to respond. You can e-mail him too at: Maybe you’ll get an answer.

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