The BeBox Is Back!

Bebox X16 Just when you thought you’d never see an example of computing hardware as enchanting as the BeBox, original hardware designer Joseph Palmer announces its resurrection – this time with 16 processors! And you thought pervasive multithreading on two CPUs was good. While he was at it, Palmer has added 16 (yes, 16) MIDI ports, a RAID 5 drive config, 64GB memory, and two GeekPorts. I think my time with OS X just might be drawing to a close. I hear the Haiku project is thriving these days.

11 Replies to “The BeBox Is Back!”

  1. I wonder if this means we’ll be getting New Hobbit CPUs from the New AT&T?

  2. Heh. Schweet! ;) But I do miss BeOS, and still have my copy of the Hacker, Bortman and Herborth BeOS Bible on my bookshelf :)

  3. Sean, do you just happen to have that obscure date memorized? If so, do you also have dates for release of the BeBox, or for public PowerPC releases? Would love to have these in my forever calendar.

  4. Scot: March 31st is my birthday, so I was rather excited that it was also the release date of BeOS/x86, which I was eagerly anticipating…

    Coincidentally, that same date (March 31st, 1998) was the day Mozilla was first released as Open Source. I was really excited about that, even though it took years to bear fruit.

  5. Thank you, sir!

    As far as other dates of release, I think I have a comprehensive email/Be Newsletter archive somewhere that could probably be mined for important dates if someone was so inclined…

  6. Not inclined enough to go plowing through newsletters, but thanks. Just thought you might have a photographic date memory or something.

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