A few blocks from my hotel in Austin, Tears of Joy hot sauce shack – literally hundreds of kinds of jalapeno/habanero-based fluids. Trying to choose a few to take home is nearly impossible – you can taste about a dozen of them in advance, but for the rest, it’s pretty much a matter of judging a sauce by its cover. And there are a lot of tantalizing covers. Ended up having eight flavahs shipped home, and dived in last night.

Hot Sauces

So far orange pulp habanero is the stand-out favorite, pumpkin chipotle running a close second. But hard to argue with good old Cholula. Now the challenge is to get through all eight bottles before next year’s south-by.

Music: Rufus Thomas :: Steal A Little

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  1. I suspect most of these are not “jalapeño-based,” unless you bought them that way on purpose – but rather contain cayenne, habanero (as you mentioned), or scotch bonnet (another variety of the same species as habanero).

    I agree that Cholula is one of the best, as is Louisiana Gold or Louisiana “Original” Hot Sauce for your basic, cayenne pepper sauce. I like these much better than Tabasco, which always had a sort of spoiled vinegar taste to me.

    The trick is to read the label and make sure the pepper is the first ingredient, not the vinegar ;)

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