From a camera mounted on a rocket booster on the Space Shuttle Atlantis, as it’s jettisoned and tumbles to earth. This is so… human without humans, if you know what I mean.

via Squublog

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  1. it is so

    thanks for stopping by my blog. i stop by your blog sometimes too. but i’m not much of a techie. i live for your posts about your beautiful family. say hi to them!

  2. Fascinating images.

    There is an organic feel to so many of the mechanical shapes, particularly the many stages of the ‘chute, ending with it imitating a jellyfish.

  3. Amazing video.
    I kept thinking this could be straight out of 2001 : A Space Odyssey. I didn’t understand what you meant by “human without humans” when I read it, but after seeing the video I think I share the feeling.

  4. Thanks for sharing that video. It was truly fantastic. I watched it with the volume down, turned on “Hell is Chrome” by the band Wilco, and the combination of the song and video was very human…and for some reason, sad.

  5. Wow, that is just beautiful. I love the sounds, actually — the whistling of the wind, the sounds of the parachutes opening, the gurgling water at the end. Who knew NASA could make such terrific art movies?

  6. No time to leave a thoughtful comment regarding the rocket booster video – but it was well worth the time to watch. Peaceful and satisfying. I’m glad NASA makes it available to the public – we paid for it (our tax dollars at work).

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