Birdhouse Hosting welcomes westcountyreads.org, “A volunteer community collaborative of individuals, businesses and organizations working in collaboration with parents, schools, libraries, and community groups in West Contra Costa County to improve literacy outcomes for young children.” The site addresses student literacy issues for parents of school children across the county, and was created by Jenna Jacques of cozmikdesign.com (also a Birdhouse site).

I haven’t posted new Birdhouse site announcements for quite a while, but it’s not because new users haven’t been coming on board. The reality of any hosting operation is that 50-75% of people sign up with the best intentions, register a domain, and then do nothing with it. Coincidence has led to an unusually long string of such sign-ups over the past six months. Some cool things brewing though…

Music: Pere Ubu :: Small Was Fast

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