Megapixel Madness

Digital camera consumers tend to think of megapixels as simplistically as some car shoppers view horsepower: More must be better, right? Shoppers are blinded by increasing megapixel values, at the expense of better image sensors, higher quality lenses, image stabilization, etc. Result: Many people are wasting more storage and ending up with noisier images, rather than getting higher quality images, as they often think they are. c|net, calling the megapixel arms race on the carpet.

As the digital-camera market matures, consumers are becoming aware that lens quality, processor quality and image stabilization technologies are at least as important as pixel counts when determining image quality.” … “We went past the point where more megapixels made a difference years ago,” MacAskill said. “In the last 3 million prints we’ve made for very discriminating eyes, none were returned for lack of pixels.”

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  1. This is a very true problem with the digicam industry.

    Look to Fuji, who with their s2,S3,S5 series have done R&D on better images, not more megapixels. Get a cheap s2 or S3 on ebay and you have one fantastic camera- better dynamic range than any other DSLr out there.

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