2-QT. Beverage Container

Beverage Container

Awed to find my mother’s 1970 TUPPERWARE DEMONSTRATION GUIDE, which basically told everywoman exactly what to say at their Tupperware parties (Mom was a Tupperware Lady, and proud of it). I picture her holding up a specimen of the juice pitcher described below (which we actually lived with for 15 years), intermittently glancing down at the demonstration guide and reading off the text below verbatim. Actually she probably never read it verbatim, but dreams are free.

So much effort and energy into pushing the smallest of details, the subtlest nuances of happy homemaking. Almost inconceivable that anyone today could write such copy, or that audiences would gather to hear and appreciate it. Would love to show up at a poetry slam and read the first graf with unbounded passion.


Goodbye drippy cartons! Farewell to heavy milk bottles! Happy leave-taking from worry and fret over chipped or broken drink containers! Welcome to Tupperware's lightweight, easy-to-carry Beverage Container ... and don't let the compact size fool you. It holds 2 quarts - a half gallon - and has a handle for easy carrying.

When the container is full, the handle is used to support the weight of the liquid as you tilt the container - and slips down out of the way during refrigerator storage. To prevent liquids from burbling out of the filled container, pour slightly to the side of the pouring spout.

The hinged seal for the pouring spout swings back out of the way, yet remains attached so it will not be dropped or misplaced. Special grooves on the sides of the container allow a firm grip on the container ... especially advantageous when hands or the sides of the container may be moist.

To make the best use of space in your refrigerator, store your 2-Qt. Beverage Containers alternately - I'm sure you'll be ordering more than one - for milk, one for water and others for special drinks for the children.

The price is $2.49 each. If you choose to, you can remove the handle. However, you'll notice it is especially designed so that some pressure is needed to remove the handle. This is to prevent the handle slipping out of place when the filled container is being used.

4 Replies to “2-QT. Beverage Container”

  1. My mom had one of those containers, for a LONG TIME. She must’ve gotten rid of it at some point in the past 10 years, as I don’t remember seeing it anytime recently, but I sure do remember that yellow plastic thing, used for either Orange Juice or Kool-Aid.

  2. My Mum had one of these too, but it wasn’t used for Liquids.
    We stored Breakfast cereals in it.

  3. Can you verify the date on that guide? I have a guide that has that same picture and description with no date on it …but it seems older than 1970. I was thinking the 60s…I’ve been trying to find info on it for a while now… thanks!

  4. Sorry, can’t verify it – just something I found at my Mom’s place. We probably threw it out after making that scan.

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