Leprechauns Are Awesome

Me, to Miles: “Did you know that if it rains while the sun is shining it means you’re going to meet a leprechaun?”

Miles: “What’s a leprechaun?”

Me, suddenly realizing I didn’t have a good definition of “leprechaun” ready-at-hand, winging it: “A leprechaun is a little man about two feet high who wears green clothes and funny shoes and who dances and plays tricks and tells funny jokes.”

[… Long silence, then…]

Miles: “That’s awesome.”

[… Another long silence…]

Miles: “No, Daddy – That’s totally awesome!”

Who knew the surfer speak would start at age 4? Where in the world would he pick up a phrase like that? On the preschool playground no doubt. But he’s right about leprechauns – I just hadn’t thought of them that way in a very long time.

Music: Peter Brotzmann :: Everything

3 Replies to “Leprechauns Are Awesome”

  1. All of the machines in Canonical’s Montreal office are named for Irish gods and heroes. Banba, Dagda, Breg, Midir …

    Irish mythology is awesome.

    No, dude. Irish mythology is totally awesome.

  2. That’s awesome. Although, it is likely that eventually he will replace totally with another very versatile word…. Hopefully he won’t employ the word far too often, unlike myself.. :)

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