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Whoa! Birdhouse reader Jamie Wilkinson just emailed to let me know he had been doing some BeOS research at Wikipedia, not found an entry for my name, and had decided to create one! I made some small tweaks and added a couple of scripts to the list, but Jamie did a great job of summarizing things accurately. Not sure whether this means I’ve arrived or been put out to pasture…

Thanks Jamie – Mighty kind.

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  1. Weird – Wonder why that doesn’t come up in a search for “Eugenia.” Anyway, you’re right – maybe I need a list, for public research purposes. It would have exactly one one entry:

    Operating Systems I Like
    – Whatever Gets You Through The NightOS

  2. I wonder if it was Jamie that created my Wikipedia entry a few years ago. It was obviously someone with an interest in and history with BeOS, as my entry popped up around the time of Gobe’s, Gobe Productive’s, and other BeOS-centric pages.

    I wonder who it is that’s trying to document *everything* about BeOS … ? Kinda cool, but eesh. I’m always kinda embarrassed WRT my Wikipedia entry.

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