Warhol Used an Amiga

The night the Amiga was introduced to the world, Andy Warhol used one to paint a portrait of Debbie Harry, like only Warhol could. In the months that followed, Warhol acquired a bunch of Amigas, and used them to create what is/was probably the first digital art film. Never released, You Are The One had been, until recently, only rumored to exist. Artdaily:

Long believed lost, this short masterpiece (20 painted frames) was reconstructed by Arnie Friedhoff and his team at ITN on a retro-fitted Mac G5 and reunited with what is believed to be its original soundtrack (also discovered on another floppy disk marked in Warhol’s familiar scrawl “soundtracks for imaginary movies, i.e., you are the one”. Now, after five years of painstaking archival reconstruction, YOU ARE THE ONE is being debuted for the first time anywhere at the Museum of New Art (MONA).

“However, due to threatened legal action tied to estate disputes and to its pending seizure, the museum will only be allowed a one day screening of the film.”

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  1. I remember reading an article in Time/Newsweek about Kary Mullis (who received a nobel prize for inventing the PCR method of DNA amplification). I was stoked to see that on his desk was an Amiga 1000, just like there was on mine at the time.

    An interesting guy; in addition to being a biotech genius he was a surfer, erotic photographer, and dabbled in LSD. In other words, a typical Amiga user. ;)

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