Ukes for Troops

Uke Players Ramadi Iraq Best sounds to come out of Iraq in a long time: Ukulele-playing Marines. Thanks to world-wide donations to Uke Jackson’s Ukes for Troops campaign, 15 ukuleles have already been delivered to marine bands stationed overseas. “In little corners all across Fallujah and Habbaniyah, Marines are plucking the sing-song strains of the South Pacific.”

“When I first opened the box, I asked myself, ‘What are these things doing in Iraq?’” said Gunnery Sgt. Jay D. Dalberg, a euphonium and electric bass player … “These are usually related to tropical beaches like Hawaii, not Fallujah, Iraq.”

George Harrison writes in the intro to one of my uke songbooks: “Some are made of wood and some are made out of armadillos – everyone I know who plays one is crackers.”

Music: The Beach Boys :: I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times

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  1. I hope you are well aware that one of the founders of Ukes For Troops is a staunch Republican, who includes the following pointed political comment to her messages about what should be an organization free of partisan posturing:

  2. LOL – What that founder must not realize is that no one can play a ukulele and remain conservative for long — it’s too much fun!

    Bwa ha ha ha ha ha…!

  3. Ukes for Troops has succesfully sent over 1000 Ukuleles to our troops in the war zones. We will keep sending them to any trooper in the war zone as long as they keep asking for them.

  4. Bill Tapia and Jeff Peterson in Concert

    Friday April 13, 2007 and Sunday April 15, 2007

    99-year old jazz veteran and ‘ukulele virtuoso Bill Tapia is joined by Grammy winner Jeff Peterson, slack key jazz guitarist from Honolulu.

    Opening the show is Makena , an acoustic duo featured in the Emerging Artist Showcase and now appearing on MTV Logo’s Women’s Fest

    Tickets are $24 at the door but $20 in advance.

    Friday April 13, 2007 at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center at 7:30pm, 3330 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, tickets may be purchased at the box office or may be charged by phone 310-781-7171.

    Sunday April 15, 2007 at the Huntington Beach Playhouse at 3pm, 7111 Talbert Ave, between Goldenwest and Gothard, in Huntington Beach.

    Tickets for the Huntington Beach performance are ONLY available at Island Bazaar 16582 Gothard (between Warner & Heil) 714-843-9350 or through Mitch Chang (562) 556-4824

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