Meat Water

As if bottled water for humans wasn’t already one of the most successful hoaxes in the history of capitalism, there’s now apparently a cottage industry in selling bottled water for dogs (and cats).

Mark Morford, Dog Water, Tastes Like Chicken:

Yes, it is meat-scented water. Even your dog is right now going, WTF? Like Britney Spears to new moms, like Dubya to presidential integrity, like Hot Pockets to actual food, they make all sensible dog lovers look bad. It’s also just sort of embarrassingly unnecessary. As if quenching his sheer dumb animal thirst at the garden hose wasn’t enough to make your dog blissfully happy. As if a world teeming with roughly 1 billion unclassifiable odors wasn’t already a wondrous canine olfactory buffet. Did you know that dogs have over 200 million scent cells? And that humans have a mere 5 million? The last thing dogs need is for their water to smell like synthetic cow. I’m just guessing.

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