Zero Tolerance

Well, there’s one way to deal with cell phones in classrooms. Love how the professor barely skips a beat.

6 Replies to “Zero Tolerance”

  1. Student doesn’t even have the foresight to use SMS to communicate with his grass connection, and he’s in some sort of advanced class? I weep for the future.

  2. While satisfying to watch, methinks this is staged. After all, simply destroying someone’s personal property because you’re annoyed usually gets you an appt with the authorities… (or a punch in the nose ;)

  3. It’s possible… but it sure would be an elaborate thing to stage, and I’m not sure why he would go to the trouble. And if he warned students at the beginning of the semester to cover his butt, he might actually get applause from school administrators.

  4. I’ll have to agree with the “staged” comment. Otherwise, why did our videographer switch to the cellphone miscreant so early, rather than following the instructor?

  5. Jim, I wondered the same thing. Maybe the instructor had done similar things before and the videographer wanted to be sure he caught it on tape this time? I dunno… staging is a possibility, but I’m still pretty sure it’s genuine.

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