Mystery of Genius

Whether a brain belongs to a person with an IQ of 75 or 150, the physical organ looks virtually identical to surgeons. Nor can most existing brain scan techniques tell us much about the “intelligence” of the brain being examined. Intelligence happens on a level that’s difficult to observe, but new techniques are starting to give scientists a glimpse of brain traits that characterize it. Scientists dissect mystery of genius:

The MEG scanner works like a rapid-exposure camera, snapping a thousand pictures each second of electrical activity pulsing through the brain and across its surface. You can actually see a thought unfold in real time.

Advanced brain imaging techniques are turning up some cool observations:

Intelligence research is full of surprises. For example, the brains of smarter people, as measured by IQ, tend to be less active but more efficient, Haier says.

What’s that about how the good programmer is a lazy programmer?

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