Cable Crawl

The humming of the home RAID under my desk has been getting on my nerves – enjoyment of music is diminished. Finally won approval to stick it in a closet. Which left the dilemma: Run ethernet across the floor, or drill the floor and run more cable under the house? The simplest jobs turn complex.

First, had to deal with the crawlspace of death — the dusty, low-vertical, lung-compressing passage into the secondary foundation beneath our office. Obtained a 16″ monster boring bit, then faced the question of whether to drill from the top down, risking the possibility of hitting a joist, or to try and calculate the position of joists mathematically, with multiple trips into the hell-hole and back. Decided on the former and got lucky – hole landed neatly a few inches from the foundation. Then the push-pull fun of trying to get enough cable lead on either end, carefully stapling cable to sub-floor under the house.

Finally, the challenge of stripping, arranging, and crimping ethernet cables. Which is tricky enough without a 3-yr-old offering to “help” and climbing your shoulders for a better view. Ended up wasting a pair of terminators, but finally success. Office is both quiet and cable-free.

Music: Caravan :: I Don’t Know It’s Name (aka The Word)

5 Replies to “Cable Crawl”

  1. It much better than having the 3-yr-old offering to help tidy up the length of CAT5 you have snaking across the floor.
    My brother couldn’t work out why he’d suddenly loose reception on his HDTV; my 9 month old niece was showing an unhealthy interest in the black coax running up the hallway.

  2. PJ – I’ve heard of people swapping out the fan on their own, but don’t see mention of a fan they offer on their site. Where is that? (Not that I’ll be doing that – the closet is working out great :)

  3. Ah… but that’s just for the older “(top-loading) ReadyNAS 600/X6 systems.” They don’t seem to have an equivalent replacement for the newer NV, which presumably already has the quieter fan.

    You’re right about them burying the good stuff in the forums.

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