Putting the F Back in FAQ

What the FAQ on kissthisguy.com says:

Q: Would you send me the lyrics to my favorite song?
A: No. We don’t have any more access to real lyrics than you do, and even if we did, we wouldn’t spend all day doing free research for the general public. There are many sites on the Web that archive real lyrics, and you should look to them, not this one, for that service. Google knows all. In addition, we have a discussion board here on the site, which is a great place to ask other lyrics fans about real lyrics.

The kind of mail I get from users several times a week anyway:

Hello – Please me to send lyrics(texst) from Hungarien group ‘Omega’ from album ‘Gammapolis’ song ‘Lady Of The Summer Night’ original english text version. Thank you too. My best Wishes.

Why bother?

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  1. I used to run Tony DiTerlizzi’s website, back when it was more fan-oriented and less promotion/marketing oriented (ie, before it became a monolothic hunk of Flash).

    We had various interviews on the site, commentary on lots of books and artwork, all kinds of information. Seeing that Tony was, at the time, very popular with the middle and high school crowd (due to his work in D&D and Magic: The Gathering), we got a lot of requests for “I’m writing a report about you, could you please send me back 4 paragraphs telling me how you started and about your work?”

    We had a FAQ – prominent link on the main page – that even directly addressed this: “If you’re writing a report, this FAQ and several other interviews on this site should give you more than enough information. Sorry, but Tony doesn’t have time to write an essay for your project.”

    Still got the requests. Even got nags when we didn’t respond.

    Back when I was webmaster for UW’s College of Engineering – same thing. There was a prominent “information for potential students” link on the front page, leading to Q&A, forms, and contact information. But webmaster (me) still received messages from around the globe from students asking for admissions forms, advice, references, you name it.

    Some people are lazy. Some people consider themselves entitled. Some people are lazy and entitled. And, I’m sorry to say, some people are just plain stupid.

    But we make the FAQs anyway. Because some people do read them. And a dozen self-entitled lazy stupidheads can be negated by one, “Thanks for the information in the FAQ!”

  2. i esp. like the part (in the excerpt in the original post) where the yahoo specifies they want those lyrics in *text* format. i can’t imagine what the sender was thinking…. “he might try to send me these lyrics via smoke signal, better clarify”.

    then i have to stop myself and remember that trying to understand what random internet users were thinking when they wrote an email or a comment or a forum post is like trying to get inside the mind of a sociopathic transgendered chipmunk raised on jupiter by robot warlords: ain’t gonna happen

  3. … OK, call me silly but I just had to google for that # – did you intentionally pick the irs customer service #?

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