No Uncertain Terms

Miles-Rc-Note Woke this morning to a pair of precisely arranged cardboard boxes in Miles’ play area with a note attached (apparently dictated to Amy by Miles), informing me — in no uncertain terms — that not only was I not to disturb the boxes, which were configured in the shape of a race car, but that my only son was headed for New Zealand. It’s going to be lonely around here. Kind of bummed – I had hoped to travel to N.Z. with him when he turns eight, and now he’s apparently decided to go without me.

Miles-Paint-Racecar Late that morning, up to his elbows dolling up the car with purple and red finger (read: hand) paints. Once the car was ready to race to New Zealand, thought he’d be gone like a flash, but nope. Found him on the living room floor paging through a book of Mark Rothko paintings (not kidding), telling me what he liked or didn’t like about each. Guess he’s not leaving after all.

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